Welcome to our accessories and info index. This page contains a number of available options for a number of our transmitters. These options make it easy to use transmitters on specific applications.


  DAN-head with window

This specially designed DAN connection head with window is suitable for µP-based headmounting temperature transmitters with display (Direct Read Out). Standard model has a ½”NPT process entry and ½”NPT cable entry. Other entry sizes and / or Ex rated heads can be supplied on request.


  MA Connection Head

This connection head is suitable for our miniature transmitter model R25000. Standard process entry is M10, cable entry is Pg 9.



The Mp82000-D is a loop powered plug-in LCD readout for local display of the measured temperature. Easy to connect on top of the transmitter using the same connector as the interface. Models which can be supplied with option "D" (Plug-In Loop-Powered Readout) are: Mp82710(-H) and Mp82810.
Mounted inside the connection head with window you have a read-out without opening the lid. A set of special screws and bolts is supplied with each display. There is a possibility to mount a headmounting transmitter with Display on a DIN Rail with a special DIN-rail clip (see below).


  DIN-Rail Clip

Allows any headmounting transmitter with 33 mm mounting to be mounted on standard DIN-Rail. Includes base plate and snap-on rail clip.



  USB interface software V4.4  Sept 2013

This software program is suitable for all microprocessor based transmitters using S-Products' interface for connection to your computer's USB port.


Please read the readme.1st file included in zip file for installation instructions.

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